Women’s Leadership Development

  • Initiated and sponsored a construction project for 2 buildings, a women’s center, “Soteria Center for Women’s Leadership Development,” and a multipurpose dining hall, “Abigail Hall” on the campus of St. Paul’s University; dedicate and opened in August 2013.
  • Built and opened Masai Adult School of Oloika near Nairobi in April, 2013. The goal is for the men and women who are enrolled in the program will be able to read the Bible in 2 years when they complete the program.

  • Implemented in 2010 “Women’s Leadership Training” program to be offered regularly at the Lifelong Learning Institute at St. Paul’s University (SPU), a 110 years old institution, in Limuru, Kenya.
  • Embarked on community transformation through microfinance program to enable poverty-ridden women to start a micro business (an Income Generating Activity, IGA,) and be alleviated from poverty.

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